Agile methodology industry standard best practices

Get your business the attention it deserves with professional web development services!

We take the time to learn your business goals, operations and target audience. Expect more questions about your business and less technical talk about the Internet. Your business is the star of your website and deserves to be understood. Learning your business requirements and objectives helps us tailor an Internet solution that makes sense and exemplifies your values as a business.


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Agile methodology with industry standard best practices

Our professional web development services offers clients an easy to get started process of planning, design, development, testing and launch. We can deliver results more quickly.

Clients are encouraged to participate in video conference calls with developers to discuss business objectives, goals to ensure milestones are very clear and measurable. Our web design model is constantly improving through honest client reviews and project analysis of each website we build.

Our professional web development services include highly optimized, performance tuned and system integrated open-source solutions backed by extensive developer communities. Open-source community software means better testing, performance and support when compared to typical pay-as-you-go commercial software.

Agile methodology industry standard best practices

Agile methodology industry standard best practices ensures proper adherence the common SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). This means as features become available they are integrated into the application after having been thoroughly tested.

Feature releases are measured and delivered in sprint cycles. The graphic to the left describes Agile methodology industry standard best practices in more technical detail.

We make Agile development easy for our clients by handling the technical aspects and working as technical ambassadors to our business stakeholders.

We offer weekly planning meetings and frequent video conferencing chats with clients to help us better understand your business goals, objectives and target audience.

Engaging our clients as business stakeholders help us define your businesses user stories, feature requests and ultimately the product requirements for your website.