Linux Web Expert offers professional web development services and Cloud computing solutions.

We build easy to use websites, gallery showcases, storefronts as well as Internet marketing pages for personal ventures, small businesses and medium sized corporations.


Professional web development services including website design, content authoring, social media marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Logo design, business cards and postcards tailored to match your website.

Complete packages for as low as $79 setup


Climb to the top of Google search results faster…

Agile methodology with industry standard best practices

Clients benefit when the goals are simple through process planning, design, development, testing and launch. As a result your business goals are clearly understood thus making an impact.

We take the time to learn your business goals, operations and target audience so expect more questions about your business and less technical talk about the Internet.

Learning your business requirements and objectives helps us tailor an Internet solution that as a result exemplifies your values as a business.

Why our professional web development services are uniquely different?

Linux Web Expert offers clients a hands on approach to solving business objectives.

1. Ease of Use

We offer WordPress and GoDaddy Pro to provide clients with simple and therefore easy to use graphical interface tools.  As a result changes to content, uploading media, editing a page or publishing a social media announcement is intuitive.

WordPress is used
by 59.4% of all the websites whose content management system is known consequently this is 26.6% of
all websites on the Internet.



2. Search Engines Love SEO Friendly Websites

Content authoring with strong focus keywords hence creating a call to action for your visitors. Clients get premium SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools so your website content is easy to understand thereby increasing the overall page ranking as a result.

3. Professional shopping carts for your website

A professionally setup your storefront and with complete product inventory simplifies eCommerce for your business. Linux Web Expert works closely with you to determine the right product images, text description and rich snippets thus providing optimal search engine results.



4. GoDaddy Pro partnership means simplicity and support

Linux Web Expert is GoDaddy Pro Partner with additional access to support issues, dashboards and tools
consequently making technical changes simple.

We don’t need your pin or password as you grant us limited technical access therefore all your
confidential billing information remains safe and secure with you.

5. Your Site Can Grow as Your Business Grows

Our websites use cloud servers that are very scalable hence providing capability for thousands of pages and products. High performance private cloud servers with dedicated resources offer unlimited growth potential.


Our GoDaddy Pro partnership means simplicity

Cloud computing hosting solutions start at $5 monthly and your confidential billing
information is safely secured with GoDaddy.

As a GoDaddy customer you get their top rated customer support in addition to support from Linux Web Expert hence providing you with the best offering.

Cloud computing guarantees resources on-demand therefore your website is ready for marketing
campaigns and peaks of high volume Internet traffic.

Cloud Computing Hosting Solutions include:

  • Installation and deployment of cloud computing hosting solution
  • Setup of WordPress with premium theme and professional plug-ins
  • Responsive design for smart phones, tablets, laptops and Smart TVs.
  • Content authoring, page layout and general web design work

Need to purchase, transfer or sell a domain? We can help with all technical aspects of the process and offer you discounts through GoDaddy promotional codes hence saving you to 35% on new purchases.

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